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25.11.2013 - written by KillaloT - 1 comment
Support the danish Quake Live scene, by either participating (if you're a dane) or watching the stream (if you live outside of denmark). The Christmas Cup is an annual duel tournament held by the danish Quake Live community, and features a special stream with danish commentary. This gives experienced as well as more mediocre players to participate in a tournament and get their few minutes of fame! The skill level of Quake Live is quite high, and joining tournaments for lesser skilled players can be a tough experience, thus this is the perfect change of having fun in a tournament. Join and follow the tournament on Challonge!

The action kicks off on the 5th of december at 20:00 CET, and is played as a single elimination BO3 format. The stream can be viewed on twitch TV. We hope to see some support for this event, as Denmark KillaloT will be in charge of the stream and players of the Quake Live team will be participating in the tournament.
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mailsystem offline
12.05.2013 - written by KillaloT - 1 comment
Unfortunately we're experiencing trouble with the mailsystem on our website. During the last couple of month several users have been trying to register accounts, but are not receiving any activation e-mails. We're doing whatever we can do find a way to resolve the issue, but for now we will have to activate all users manually, which means that you might have to wait up to a maximum of 3-4 days before your account is activated.

For contact please go to our IRC-channel #Clones-Inc on QuakeNet to ask any questions you might have. If you're unfamiliar with IRC, write us a message through our facebook-page or twitter-account.

Thanks for your patience.

EDIT: The mailsystem should be working once again
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The end of an era
16.03.2013 - written by KillaloT - 1 comment
It's with great disappointment and sadness, that I announce that we are going to disband our StarCraft II team. It's been a great past 13 months for our venture in the StarCraft II-scene, but unfortunately we have to stop our journey here. We've always been caring a lot about our players and focusing on improving in the game, while having a great time together, as we believe that this is the best way to develop our players. But with a small management team, we sometimes have to give up other aspects when we're trying to run a esports team for some of the biggest talents within the danish esport scene.

We picked up several players in the danish StarCraft II players, who lacked a decent training environment. HoBBiT have done a great job giving them all the best posibilities to develop their skills online and supporting them at several LAN events during the past 13 months! However, as a small team, we've not been able to gather the support that our players need, and we feel that our players deserve bigger and more dominant european esport teams to support them in their further development.

Once again, we decided to prefer our players further development rather than building our own organisation, so we had a talk with all our players, and asked them to continue to the next step of their esport career, as we wouldn't be able to continue supporting them with what they deserve - and most importantly, our knowledge of the game has reached a point where the players are far beyond our imagination! With several players wandering onto better and bigger support, we've decided to disband the team.

The team captain Raggy gave the following statement regarding the situation:
"The players on the A-team came to the conclusion, that Clones-Inc wouldn't be able to support us with the things that we feel like we deserve and want. Even though we are leaving Clones-Inc now, i would like to say on the behalf of all the players on the team, that we couldn't have asked for any better training environment than what we've got! We've had a great environment to develop as players while having a great social interaction across the entire team. We're going to look for bigger teams on the european esport scene, but we will never forget the time we've had in Clones-Inc and the friendships we've acquired while being here will never cease to exist!"

Please notice that the players are still participating in Copenhagen Games. We would like to point out that neither the management or players are left with bad feelings and this decision is made in agreement with all parts of the team! We would like to thank all of our supporters of the team! Everyone who's been following on our facebook page, reading our newsposst, watched our matches on streams and cheering for us at the LAN events! Also a great thanks to our sponsors CustomizeID, VoiceMe and Abildgaard LÃ¥seservice!

At last we would like to point out that this not necessarily will be the end of Clones-Inc. We will most likely be having a downtime after Copenhagen Games, but we are still going look into new ways to support the niches of esport around Europe and help to develop better players or esport environments!
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Great perfomance at HKLAN
21.02.2013 - written by SilaZ - no comments

Our three players, Raggy, DroW and Wrath attended HKLAN and performed very well.
All our players went easily through the first group play and qualified for the next chapter of the tournament.
In the secondary group play Raggy and DroW advanced through tough groups to the Championship bracket, where they were set to play against two of the best Danes, Bunny and Sonder.
Unfortunately why couldn’t overcome their opponents, so both players was knocked out in the Ro8, which secured them 500 dkr.- which is a nice price in a tournament with this level of fierce competition.

Sources: - HKLAN Liquipedia

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